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The Best Wedding Advice

Dearly beloveds: Now that you have chosen the date and place it is also very important to choose the right photographer. Many folks think a friend or relative can take your wedding pictures. Although they have the best intentions, but this day is too precious too leave to an amateur. You will never have these moments again and that is why your photos should be taken by an expert.

Say for instance your favorite uncle bill insists he can do the job. Here are some reasons to choose me over Bill.

1. Bill is inexperienced...I have been a photographer for fifteen years. 2. Bill has taken family pictures for his own use... I have taken hundreds of expert bridal pictures as well as family portraits. 3. Bill doesn't understand lighting differs at various times of the day. I have spent years perfecting lighting angles and studied candlelight under the great Peter Nicastro. 4. Bill shoots away. I pose you and your family...Every photograph is thought out before I shoot. 5. Bill gives you what he sees. If there is scant scenery, Bill can't change nature. I can superimpose you in every imaginable setting. Even taking your favorite song and having you dance on the page. . Bill is a guest and wants to have a good time, therefore he misses important shots...I am a paid professional and my job is to take every photo with care. 7. Bill does not use a professional camera or format. I use film that will not fade and all professional equipment. I use special effects and venettas as well as bounce lighting for shading. If you are ill, you go to a doctor. If you want professional photography you don't trust an amateur for the most important occassion of your life.

I would love to meet with you and show you my work. It takes only a few minutes of your time and may save you a lifetime of dispair.

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